We organized a drive focused on creating reusable digital content to aid students, teachers, and researchers in expanding their online knowledge repositories using Free and Open-Source media. Participants are encouraged to contribute their original research, processes, and insights, ensuring the content is entirely their own. It is imperative to avoid posting information derived from others, including copyrighted materials, logos, images of human beings, and data copied from other websites.


To post content to Wikimedia, we use the Wikimedia Commons app. First, create an account, then upload your original content. Ensure your uploads adhere to guidelines and provide detailed descriptions and appropriate licenses.


  1. Download the Wikimedia Commons App:


  1. Create an Account:
  • Open the app and sign up or log in.
  1. Upload Content:
  • Use the app to upload original media (images, videos, audio).
  • Provide detailed descriptions and select appropriate licenses.
  • Ensure content follows Wikimedia Commons guidelines.
  1. Edit and Organize:
  • Edit your uploads to add categories and improve descriptions.
  • Use the app to manage and organize your contributions.

With the help of Swecha Learning Center volunteers, we took an oath to contribute actively and successfully made 30-40 contributions.

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