Freedom Fest 2024

Freedom Fest is an annual event organized by MVGR GLUG/SLC to encourage and promote the usage of free software and introduce students to Swecha and its works. Freedom Fest 2024 started on 16th and continued for two days till 17th March. During the two days, we saw a participation 63 of students, 15 volunteers, and 6 resource persons. It started with an introduction to free software and ended with a valedictory session inviting the participants to sign up as Swecha SLC members. Freedom Fest encompasses talks, sessions, technical events, and contributions focused on empowering students to learn, explore, and contribute through various technologies.

1.Free and Open-Source Software

Phanindra emphasized the pivotal role of Free and Open-Source Software (FOSS) as an essential starting point for students, highlighting its value in fostering foundational skills and knowledge within the field.

Tech Workshop

We gathered five FOSS-related tracks to enhance technical expertise.

Track-1: Introduction to MERN Stack & Building Docker containers

The tech volunteers for MERN covered the following topics: why MERN, problems solved by MERN, addition calculator, React hooks, volatile memory vs database, NoSQL vs SQL, introduction to MongoDB, Atlas and its connectivity, a recap of Day 1, Docker, and a real-time to-do application.

Track-2: Fun with programming using prompt Engineering /Gen-AI

Volunteers from ” Fun with Programming” introduced participants to the basics of C and Python, providing hands-on learning experiences to instill fundamental coding skills and problem-solving techniques.

Track-3:3D-Modelling and Animation using Blender

Tech volunteers aided students in utilizing Blender for model creation and animation, fostering creativity and technical skills in a collaborative learning environment.

Track-4: Simulation of open Hardware & Data Analytics using TinkerCAD & Wowkwi

The tech volunteers of IoT included basics of IoT, sensors and their applications, using TinkerCAD, performing simulations, projects involving Tinkercad and hardware, as well as 3D designing and projecting.

Track-5: Website building using WordPress & BotPress Chatbot integration

Volunteers from WordPress and Botpress guided students on working with WordPress tools and creating chatbots, enabling them to build their own customized chatbots seamlessly.

Day-1 Activities

Day one commenced with an engaging interactive session, where students were guided by volunteers through various group activities, including mapping the college campus using the OpenStreetMap (FOSS) app. To further promote teamwork and collaboration, outdoor games were organized, creating opportunities for enhanced communication among volunteers and participants alike. The day concluded with a comprehensive recap of the day’s activities, reflecting on the achievements and experiences shared, setting the stage for the exciting events planned for the following day.

Day-2 Activates

On day two, the morning session was dedicated to various workshops, while the latter half allowed participants to explore the Swecha Learning Center (SLC). At the SLC, attendees engaged in activities focused on technology applications and responsible phone usage. They also attended talks led by resource persons covering topics such as cybersecurity and animations. The day concluded with entertaining activities, including singing performances, and a digital divide game. Feedback was collected, and participants took an oath to actively participate in future SLC initiatives.


The two-day Freedom Fest served as an invaluable platform for students to immerse themselves in the world of Free and Open Source Software (FOSS), leaving them enriched with practical knowledge and hands-on experience. Through engaging workshops, insightful discussions, and interactive sessions, participants gained a deeper understanding of FOSS principles and their applications across various domains. This event not only empowered students with the skills needed to leverage FOSS tools effectively but also fostered a sense of community and collaboration within the open-source ecosystem. As a result, attendees departed from the Freedom Fest equipped with the expertise and enthusiasm to further champion the ideals of FOSS in their academic and professional pursuits.

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