#Episode-03 Data Breaches&ItsImpact

In short,a data breach is a cyber attack in which sensitive,confidential otherwise protected data has been accessed or disclosed in an unauthorized fashion.Their effects and impacts on individuals and society are discussed in brief.

Now a days,data breach is a very common thing which is happening in our day to day life.Majorly there are two types of Data breaches they are

i) Server end of any website

ii) user end

In server end there are many types of data breaches happening, by using some types of virus like malware,trojan,worms etc..,by an external person known as hacker.we can’t do anything when the data is leaked from the server end.If the data is leaked from the user end we can say that it was users carelessness or unaware of the technology.The attacker uses social engineering attacks like Phishing,Baiting,Honey Trap,Eavesdropping etc..,we can mitigate these type of attacks by using the features of the technology i.e,

Methods for Mitigation of the attacks:-

1)  2FA

2)  2 Step-verification

3)  Authenticator app

4)  Don’t keep same password for multiple accounts

5)  Changing passwords every month

6)  Check the login activity of the account if it is not your device then immediately logout the account the device from your account and remove the device 

What the attackers do if they got our personal information?

1)  They can sell the information in the “DARK WEB”.

2)  They can use that information to blackmail.

3)  They can view your daily activities.

What happens when your personal information is floating inside the “DARK WEB”?

A) They can misuse your data without your knowledge, if the information is sufficient they can easily get into your bank account and steal your money.So please be aware of the cybercrimes happening in the society. 

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