#Episode-01 FreedomBox

FREEDOMBOX is a Real Time Project which Deals/Sove the issue in Remote Areas. Where they may not have Proper Signals, no Communications, No access to Library, Radio, Chat and Voice calls, Webmail, File sharing, Calendar, Address book and News feed, Synchronization.

FreedomBox is a personal server which designed with privacy and data ownership in mind. It includes free software only & You can run it on a small, inexpensive and power-efficient computer box in your home that is dedicated for that use. It can also be installed on any computer running Debian or in a virtual machine.

In order to replace third-party communication services that are data mining your entire life, you will be able to host services yourself and use them at home or over the Internet through a browser or specialized apps. For example, to start using a private chat service, activate the service from the administration interface and add your friends as authorized users of the service. They will be able to connect to the service hosted on your FreedomBox, using XMPP chat clients such as Conversations on Android, Pidgin on Windows and Linux, or Messages on Mac OS, for encrypted communications

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