Sustainable Design and Life Cycle Thinking


#MVGRTalks is a 15min session(s) to promote awareness of the latest happenings around the world on every Saturday at a venue (Digital Audiotrium/IIC Space).

  • These #MVGRTalks sessions shall provide an opportunity for the MVGRians to be aware of the latest trending socio-techno-innovative ideas, problem statements and project initiatives through our faculty, students, and a few resource persons.

  • Faculty and students shall be encouraged to go through various magazines, and articles available at our library.

  • We shall create a pool of useful resources at the library and make it available for interested speakers with the help Literary club(library team) and MVGRSLC.


  • This initiative shall encourage collaboration among various clubs and promote the curiosity of knowing things happening around the world.

  • This initiative shall encourage the participants to think innovative and use the knowledge of #MVGRTalks to think and evolve an innovative team with productive ideas/projects.

  • This initiative shall help the participants to identify oppurtunites workout/build their ideas and participate in various events(Smart India Hackathon etc.,).

  • Also this initiative shall try to map the resource(s) to requirement(s) i.e., trainers to trainees