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Motto of GLUG

For what we group is . . .

Free & Open Source

Being FOS, We can use it for our Society. Drive technology towards society.

Share ! what you have

Share & Speed.
A work by a team will always be faster.

Learn ! what you are interested

Learn your interested area of technology. All you have to do is just POST your interest.

Idea for Innovation

Your idea may innovate things.
Idea can inspire to make innovations.

Experiment or Experience

Come & Try !
It can be a SUCCESSFUL experiment or a VALUABLE expeirence.

For my Society

IDENTIFY the problem in your society,
CALL an event to fix it.
As change must start from YOU.

Learn and Share

Freedom Fest 2K16

Linus Torvalds

To be able to choose between
proprietary software packages is
to be able to choose your master.
Freedom means not having a master.
And in the area of computing,
freedom means not using proprietary software.

Richard Stallman

Proprietary software keeps users divided and helpless.
1. Divided because each user is forbidden
to redistribute it to others.
2. Helpless because the users can't change it
since they don't have the Source code.

They can't study what it reallydoes.
So the proprietary program is a System of unjust power.

Aaron Swartz

"Information is power. But like all power there are those who keep it for themselves"

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We are not just Hackers or Activists..We are Hactivists!!!

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